Gethsemane Theological College

Jesus in his ministry has trained the disciples and prepaid for the continuation of the ministry. As many people from different villages are confessing and confessing and accepting Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, I [Rev.Dr.Paulson Raj Sangala] want them to stand firm and grow in the Lord. Read more »

About Society of Christ

The ways of the lord are different which the human mind cannot comprehend, Bro Paulson Raj in the year 1991 started prayer in the Christhu Jyothi Ashram at the age of Sixteen. In the period of time people from different walks of life and places are coming and participating in the prayer service. Many thousands are attending ,They are hearing the gospel and also experiencing Salutation and healing .God is outpouring His Holy Spirit abundantly . Read more »

Aims & Objectives

1. To start, equip and run for the benefit of Christians and others as well irrespective of race, caste, religion & social status. Evangelical, educational institutions formal / non formal for the diffusion of useful knowledge, spiritual, cultural, scientific, technical or social and to apply for and to obtain for them whenever necessary either recognition from the ecclesiastical, the Government or university educational or other authorities as the case may be. Read more »

Directions to Christhu Jyothi Prayer Hall

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Reach Kazipet by train or bus. Catch a bus or an auto to reach Karunapuram which is just 2Km away from Kazipet . Enquire the way to Prayer Hall. You can reach the Prayer Hall on foot within 5minutes.

Testimony of Bro.Paulson Raj

I am native of Warangal (district) Andhra Pradesh, Indian, born in Bheemaram village. My parents were Christians. I was devoted towards JESUS CHRIST from my childhood. All were amazed about my spiritual attitude and fear of God. When I was at the age of 10yrs, I was filled by the Holy Spirit and my zeal was doubled towards my saviour. Read more »