Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism Ministry

Bro.S.Paulson raj was praying throughout the night in the presence of God with burden and sorrow, one day I was thinking how many days this will continue

Then God showed me a vision:

“I saw God enthroned and His glory in a small hut and beside Him I was standing on the right side of Jesus, and many people were coming who were suffering with various kinds of diseases,demon possessed and with many difficulties, then Jesus said to me stretch your hand and when I stretched, Jesus laid His hand upon my hand and all the diseased people were healed, the demon possessed were delivered and all received salvation and peace.”

I shared the vision with Father Vijay kumar, immediately he said even I also have a desire from many years to start a prayer centre for the youth. After few days i met Father Columbo and requested to five acres land to start a prayer centre, he consented for the land. There was no proper way for the place, it was filled with thistles and thorns and stones and also the land was uneven. I fasted and prayed before starting the cleaning work, and slowly started to remove the thorns and stones and also all unwanted plants and finally levelled the ground. As I was inexperienced in such kind of work I was wounded by scratches of thorns, and bleeding occured and the wounds were very painful.Though I was working with fast, the Lord’s hand gave me strength and I was remembering His promise and the word of God.

I remembered God promise which was given to me, saying in a forest I am going to use you. During the day I was cleaning the place and during night I worked as watchman.Sometimes the junior college students also helped me for cleaning the place. There was no power supply to the place, it was totally dark,in the year 1992 the month of April I prayed with fasting but no one came for prayer and during the night I slept alone.Wild animals like bear, foxes, Wolfs were moving around and also sometimes I heard the sounds of devils but when I prayed to God, He protected me from all these fearful and dangerous times and also from threats of wicked people, in rain I was drenched and shivered, I had only one bed sheet so with half I laid it on the ground and with the other half of the bed sheet I covered myself. During the night snakes, scorpions creeped into my bed sheet but I did not know, in the morning I saw snakes and also while folding my bed sheet I saw scorpions. When the scorpions stinged me in the night I thought ants, though snakes and scorpions were beside me, they did not harm me because the lord was with me. I killed many snakes and scorpions in that place. I digged many pits around the place to erect stone pillars for fencing, all the work I did with fasting, for this reason sometimes I felt giddy and fell into the pit and I also suffered severe stomach pain.

I guided myself with the towel and sang songs and started to dig. God gave strength to me. Sometimes Mr. Johnson, Mr. Dayakar, Mr. Rathnam and some others were sent by Fr. VijayKumar to help me, but when they arrived at the place and saw all around they were scared because it was like a forest and they escaped. I even did not have drinking water, so I drank rainwater which was stored in pits. The place was cleared from all unwanted plants. In the centre of the place I erected a small hut for prayer. And in that hut I spent hours together in prayer; sometimes three days, seven days, and 40 days fasting prayers.I planted and cleaned the whole place in free time. As God’s time was coming near I was fervent in prayer, and one day in the afternoon at 12:30 pm God showed me a vision.

“A woman Mrs. Mareela from Addabata village was coming to me with the tumor in her stomach and Jesus said to me, you lay your hands upon her, I am going to heal, and accordingly when I laid my hand on her and prayed immediately she was healed”

I was pondering with wonder about the vision. The next day a woman came to Fr. Vijay Kumar for financial help as she was suffering with tumor in her stomach and her family members were not concerned about her father said to her I do not have any money but Bro. Paulson Raj will pray for you, and he sent her to me. As God has spoken she was the same woman whom God showed me in the vision, I told her come let us go to the prayer centre, and as we were going she was looking around and seeing the forest she was thinking where this person is taking me into the forest. After 10 minutes we arrived at the hut and we both began to pray. I shared the day before vision with her and said God will to definitely heal you, pray with faith and I laid my hand on her head and began to pray, as I was praying God touched her and her tumor was healed completely; this is the first miracle in the hut.The woman went and proclaimed in her village and brought some more people, in this way people began to come for the prayers. As God manifested many miracles and wonders according to this word every Saturday gospel and healing service was conducted and people were coming from different places for prayer,they all received healing, deliverance and salvation.Through these miracles and wonders of God the report spread widely and the multitudes increased gradually every Saturday. I appointed some people as volunteers prayerfully.